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Our homie Tommy Washbush designed this awesome logo for us, so we put it on a T-Shirt in hopes of sharing it with our friends and fans. Get yours today on MerchPapa.com, a useful company that promotes indie artists by giving them kickbacks for having shirts printed through their website. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Official music video "Faithful Men" has arrived!

Our latest music video has officially dropped! From our upcoming album, Broke n' Prophets, we bring you Faithful Men, a dark love song that digs into the psyche of a young couple, who for better or worse, will always love each other regardless of where their paths take them in the end. Shout outs to DJ PAIN 1 for filming, Knowshun and Memory's sister, Sarah for acting in the video. We hope you enjoy!

Official "Faithful Men" Trailer

Our latest video is in the making as we speak. The name of the song is Faithful Men. It's a song that speaks about temptation and how it can wind up damaging or destroying your relationship. The chorus reads, "I've always been a faithful man, I've always been a grateful man, don't make me do wrong, don't make me do wrong." This chorus brings forth the idea that no matter who you are or how strong your bond may be with someone, someone else will always tempt you to break the trust you have with your significant other.
We are excited to release this video. For now, download the song for FREE on our Soundcloud. The official video will be released in November of 2013.

Know Limits Official Music Video

The official music video from our upcoming album, Broke n' Prophets has been released. The title of the track is Know Limits. This video is a compilation of show footage from several of our more recent shows as well as some unique clips captured by our friend, DJ Pain 1. The song has been released for free download on our Soundcloud. Navigate to our Soundcloud page to check out our new release as well as other tracks we have released for our upcoming album.

The Last Day Official Video 2013

The Last Day comes from our upcoming album, Broke n' Prophets. Memory's dad played a vital role in this film. The video was self shot, self edited and self directed. The song is also free for download on Soundcloud.

"The Last Day" Teaser 2013

A sneak preview from one of our upcoming music videos titled, "The Last Day". This song comes from our upcoming album, "Broke n' Prophets".

The Last Day LIVE Drums by Nicholas DiPiazza

Check out our friend Nick rehearsing to one of our unreleased songs! He is an amazing metal drummer who just so happened to love this song.



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